Billing and Finance

As a courtesy, the SAA Choral Boosters provides invoicing to chorus families.  Please note:  All payments for chorus-related fees should be made to SAA Choral Boosters, Inc. and NOT Savannah Arts Academy.

Please review the following FAQs carefully, as it will be very important throughout the year.

Who are the Boosters and why are you billing me?

The SAA Choral Boosters, Inc. (Boosters) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that stupors the Choral program at Savannah Arts Academy.

As part of our mission, and to help Mr. Watkins, here’s what we do:

  • Collect money for chorus related activities
  • Pay vendors on behalf of the SAA Choral Department
  • Provide fundraising opportunities to members to support various programs and help students earn trip funds
  • Administer policies as directed by Mr. Watkins.
  • Take administrative tasks off Mr. Watkins’ plate, allowing him to focus on education and artistry.

Here’s what we don’t do:

  • We don ‘t make policy decisions for the chorus
  • We don’t decide to assess penalties for noncompliance with Chorus policies (financial or otherwise).

Those decisions are made by school personnel, generally Mr. Watkins, and carried out by Booster volunteers.  If you have a non-teaching question, ask the Boosters first.  Mr. Watkins is happy to get involved when necessary and has final decision making authority in many matters.  Please keep in mind that Boosters are volunteers, parents like you, who are giving their time and talents to support the Choral program.

What does billing involve?

The SAA Choral Boosters creates a main account for each student, and bills by email only.  The main bill is for things like All State fees and other fees.  

If your child plans on participating in any travel opportunities, the Boosters will create a secondary travel account to collect and track travel fees and fundraising earned.

We will send monthly statements by email.  You will also occasionally get other important reminders by email.  Please make sure that you provide the Boosters with a current email account that you check frequently.

The Boosters ask everyone at the beginning of the school year for contact information so that they can communicate with you about all chorus matters, including financial ones. We ask that you notify SAA Choral Boosters immediately if your contact information changes. We cannot be responsible if your email address changes, if you fail to check the email address you gave, or if you cannot access your email for some reason (job change, etc.)

Courtesy reminders about due dates are just that – a courtesy. Once you have been notified of a due date, no one, including Savannah Arts staff or Boosters volunteers are required to notify you as a deadline approaches.

For trips, this information is provided in the initial trip documentation and again on periodic statements. For other items, this information was provided on the statements sent early in the fall. The date shown with an item on your statement is the due date for that item. Parents/guardians and/or students are responsible for developing their own reminder system for these payments.  The Boosters are not responsible for tracking down individuals if payments are late or missing.

How do I make payments?

Put your cash, money order or check (payable to SAA Choral Boosters, Inc.)  in an envelope with your student’s name and the purpose of the payment on the outside of the envelope. Your student should put the envelope in the Black Box in Mr. Watkins’ office. SAA front office staff, the Boosters and Mr. Watkins accept no responsibility for any payments left anywhere but the Black Box.

At this time, we are unable to accept payments by debit or credit card.

Where do I make payments?

Your student should place all payment envelopes in the Black Box in Mr. Watkins’ office. SAA front office staff, the Boosters and Mr. Watkins accept no responsibility for any payments left anywhere but the Black Box.

If you want to mail a payment, you may send it to Mr. Watkins, SAA, 500 Washington Avenue, Savannah, GA  31405.  Please note that payments must be mailed to arrive at the school on or before the due date or they will be late. Mr. Watkins will receive the payment and place it in the Black Box.

If a payment is missing, it is usually because your student never put the envelope in the Black Box.  If your student says it was deposited, please find out when. Usually, either the student has forgotten to deposit it or it was deposited after the most recent pickup. Both problems are easily solved.

Can you tell me about deadlines?

We set due dates for a reason – we have deadlines we must meet with our vendors. In many cases, there are significant penalties for late payment from us – either monetary penalties or in some cases, refusal to accept payment or registrations.  For example, late trip payments could result in our tour providers cancelling our participation, or increased costs for airfare, hotels, and meals for everyone else who already paid on time. We cannot risk those penalties for the majority who pay on time for the few who do not pay on time.

Can I send in a post-dated check?

No.  Post-dated checks are not considered on time payment no matter when they’re submitted or delivered, if they’re dated after the due date. For example, if a payment is due on the 15th of the month and a check is sent in on or before the 15th, but postdated for the 20th of the month, the payment is late.

Can I write one check for multiple payments?

Of course!  If you have been billed for more than one item on a statement, you can make one payment for all items and label that payment with the date of the statement if you prefer. If you have more than one child in chorus, please feel free to include payment for both children in one payment – simply show on the envelope how much goes to each student’s account.

How do you determine what I get billed for?

The SAA Booster treasurer bills for items based on information received from Mr. Watkins. Mr. Watkins has required that all students who are vocal majors and/or who are in the Chorale participate in All-State auditions for a grade. Therefore all of those students are billed for this item automatically. Other events are optional (All-State Reading Choir, District Honor Choir, and SECAF, for example). Mr. Watkins posts a sign-up sheet and students sign up to participate in these events. For some, an audition may be required if more students sign up than can participate. By signing up and/or auditioning for these events, a student creates an obligation to pay the associated fees, whether they attend or not.

What if I have questions?

The main point of contact for most billing and finance issues is the SAA Choral Boosters Treasurer. The treasurer can be reached at This account is regularly monitored and you should receive a response to your inquiry within 48 hours (usually less). If it has been 48 hours since you sent your inquiry and you have not received a response, please feel free to send another email to be sure your email did not fall through the cracks. We work very hard to avoid that but with several people operating from this one email account, mistakes are possible. Your support and patience is appreciated.

As with most financial matters, communication is key. Please be sure to communicate anytime you have questions or concerns so issues can be resolved quickly.