Fundraisers for 2017/2018

The SAA Choral Boosters makes a number of fundraisers available throughout the year, not only to help raise funds to support the choral program at SAA, but also for students to raise funds for travel.

Only those students whose families are members of the SAA Choral Boosters are allowed to use the money they raised for travel.  Otherwise, it goes to general fundraising for the SAA Choral Boosters.

Date Fundraiser Description 
Early October TBD Belk Charity Day Sale Tickets With this $5 coupon, you get access to the private Belk Charity Day sale featuring a number of brands that are never on sale.  Even better, you receive a discount of $5 off your first purchase, plus deep discounts on lots more.  This is an easy sale for students – only a $5 ask!
Late October/November TBD Butter Braid Fundraiser For $13* you receive a frozen Butter Braid that, when thawed and baked, is one of the most delicious pastries you’ll ever put in your mouth!  Pick up date prior to Thanksgiving (final date to be announced later).  Late orders will not be accepted and any Butter Braids ordered but not picked up will be forfeited, with no refunds.

*This is a tentative price as of 5/2017.