Financial Obligations for 2017/2018

The amounts shown below are approximate as we do not have final word from sponsoring organizations about the fees for next year. The amount for the All-State trip (in January/February) will be determined by cost and how much will be covered by Savannah Arts and/or the School Board.

PLEASE NOTE:  All amounts are payable to SAA Choral Boosters (not Savannah Arts Academy) and must be placed in the Black Box in Mr. Watkins’ office, in an envelope with your student’s name on it and what the payment is for.

Approximate Date Item Amount
August Membership Dues $25/family
August Costume purchase (if student does not already have one that fits) * $50-$100/student
September All-State Registration Fee ** $30/student
September All-State Reading Choir Registration Fee $20 – $25/student
October District Honor Choir $15 – $20/student
November All-State 2nd Audition Fee (for those who qualified) $20 – $25/student
November All-State Reading Choir 2nd Audition Fee (for those who qualified) $20 – $25/student
January-February All-State Trip Fee Unknown

*SAA Choral Boosters hosts a Costume Fair at the start of school each year.  In addition to having used costumes available for purchase, volunteers are on hand to accurately measure your child for a new one.  For Booster members that place their (paid) orders at the Costume Fair, the Boosters pay for shipping on your behalf.

**All-State is a required activity for all students who are Chorus/Vocal Majors and/or who are in Chorale. The students will receive a grade on this activity which corresponds to their performance at the audition.

Please Note: SAA Choral Boosters provides billing statements as a convenience to all chorus students.  One is for the mandatory fees required (All State, etc.) plus any additional things your student signs up for (All State Reading Chorus, etc.)

Students who are traveling will have a separate TRAVEL account set up to track travel payments.

For example, if your student is Jane Smith and she is accompanying the chorus on the trip this year, you will receive TWO billing statements each month – both must be paid. One will show the student name as Jane Smith and the other will show the student name as TRAVEL Jane Smith.

If your student is traveling during this year and you have a balance due on both accounts, you can feel free to make one payment to cover both statements – just be sure to show how much is for each account on the front of the envelope you put in the Black Box in Mr. Watkin’s room.