Policies and Procedures

All choir students are expected to attend ALL SCHEDULED PERFORMANCES AND REHEARSALS for the choir(s) in which they are involved, as well as full choir events, sectionals and after school rehearsals. Concert dates & times as well as required after school rehearsals will be posted in August for the entire school year. In the event of a schedule conflict, the student is expected to make arrangements and communicate with Mr. Watkins in writing. Sports, clubs, work, and any other obligation is expected to be secondary to all choral activities.

Absences from Performances/Rehearsals
The only justifiable excused absences from performances are: illness or death in the immediate family. The student should notify Mr. Watkins in advance of the absence. If you miss a performance for ANY reason other than illness with a doctor’s note, or a death in the family, you will get a zero for that assessment grade -no makeups. If you arrive after the call time, you will have 20 points taken off your grade for the concert. No exceptions. The director reserves the right to take you out of the ensemble and place you in another class.

If you miss a dress rehearsal you will get a zero and will not be allowed to perform on the concert, thus giving you two zeros for assessment grades. If you are late to the dress rehearsal you will receive one point off for every minute you are late. No exceptions. The director reserves the right to take you out of the ensemble and place you in another class.

If you miss more than one after school rehearsal for ANY REASON other than illness with a doctor’s note, you will receive a zero.

Recital Attendance
As a requirement, each choir student, major or non-major, will be required to attend a minimum of one SAA student or faculty recital or concert, not including school showcases or a concert in which the student is participating, each 9-week grading period. This is to expand our students’ musical horizon to other forms of music and to boost support of peer performances. It is imperative that a musician watch others perform to perceive good performance practices. A faculty member will be at the door to each performance to check your name off. Attendance at the ENTIRE recital is required for credit.

Classroom Policy
Cell phones, tablets, and laptops are not permitted to be used, checked, or be visible during instructional time, unless required by instructor. Headphones must be put away as well. Any unauthorized electronic device will be confiscated by Mr. Watkins immediately and held until the end of class, also resulting in a zero for a daily grade.  Repeated offenses will require parent contact and detentions will be issued.

Homework, projects, and other outside work is not permitted during instructional time.

Students will not be permitted to miss class rehearsals for any reason unless an administrator or counselor has requested this via email or a signed note/pass.

Students will be required to stand for portions of rehearsal. Unless there is a legitimate medical reason accompanied by a doctor’s note, students will not be allowed to sit through rehearsal. If he/she is feeling ill, they must go to the nurse with a hall pass.

Excessive talking during rehearsal is not permitted. The student will be asked to stop talking during instruction/rehearsal once, after this warning, he/she will be asked to step off the risers and a zero will be issued for their daily grade.

Per administrative mandate, restrooms will be unavailable for use during instructional time. Students need to use the restroom between classes except for medical reasons accompanied by a doctor’s note.

Anyone arriving to class after the bell has rung will be counted tardy unless accompanied with a pass from a teacher, counselor or administrator.

No students are allowed to leave the classroom until the bell rings. No exceptions. Detention will be assigned for non-compliance.

Failure to submit assignments/recordings by the due date will result in a 10 point deduction for each day it is late.

All choral folders must be returned to the correct and assigned location at the end of rehearsal. Failure to do so will result in 20 points taken off the daily grade.