Important Terms

All-State Chorus    

Students sing in this prestigious choir only after passing two rigorous auditions.  The first audition is held in October.  Students must sing a prepared solo from the approved list, demonstrate tonal memory, and sight singing skills, and pass a theory test.  Chosen students audition again in January, proving that they have mastered the repertoire for the concert.  The All-State event includes 2 ½ days of rehearsal in Athens, GA with renowned guest clinicians culminating in a concert performed by a mass choir of the best singers in the state.  Auditions are open to all students, but are mandatory for all Chorale, Men’s Ensemble, and Skylark vocal majors.

All-State Reading Chorus

This is a choir that literally sightreads every single piece when they arrive at the performance venue. The choir sightreads through about 20 or more pieces over the course of 3 days. The last day the conductor and the group decide which pieces they will perform for their audience and then for the finally they are given an additional piece of music that is completely original and never seen before to sightread on the spot. It is an incredible experience.

Black Box

This box is located on the wall immediately to your right as you enter the chorus director’s office. All monies /forms/etc. should be put in this box. Please do not hand any payments to the chorus director. All payments should be put in an envelope with the student’s name, activity and amount enclosed. Payments by check should be made payable to SAA Choral Boosters.

Choral Boosters (SAA Choral Boosters Organization)

This non-profit boosters organization supports the efforts of the students and the director of the choir through fundraising, chaperoning and other volunteer efforts. The Boosters board believes the success of any school organization relies on the involvement of its parents.

District Honor Choir

Students singing in this choir are chosen by the chorus director. They participate in a two-day clinic with renowned guest conductors, concluding with a concert performance. This event is held yearly at either Georgia Southern University or Armstrong State University.

GMEA (Georgia Music Educators Association)

This statewide organization serves music educators of all levels, and is an affiliate of the Music Educators National Conference. This association is responsible for the organization and production of the All-State Chorus and District Honor choir events.

LGPE (Large Group Performance Evaluation)

In this event, the chorus is evaluated as a whole. Prepared music and a sight-singing selection are performed for adjudicators. Eligible choirs are Chorale, Men’s Ensemble, and Cantabile.


The Choral Boosters host a potluck dinner each fall and spring. Students are encouraged to perform solo or as a small group for their peers and parents at these events. The fall potluck encourages freshmen to step up and break the ice, while the spring potluck welcomes final senior performances. These are family friendly events and a low-pressure performance opportunity for students.

SECAF (Southeastern Choral Arts Festival)

This is a two-day festival held at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah.  This is an opportunity for high school choral students to participate alongside singers from the university choral program, and to study with a member of the AASU voice faculty.  This event is for SAA Chorale only.

Solo and Ensemble Performance Evaluation

This event offers students an opportunity to sing for an adjudicator who critiques the performance for the benefit of the student. Students sing a prepared solo, duet or ensemble piece. This event is open to all students.


The Tri-M Music Honor Society is the international music honor society for middle and high school students. To become a member, students must maintain a 90 grade point average, and submit an essay in their sophomore year. If chosen, students must commit to meeting attendance and musical performances for community service.