Concert Etiquette

We ask your help in assuring that you come to our concerts knowing that each song being performed represents many hours of work and preparation.  It is extremely important that our audiences remain quiet and attentive so that each choir member can perform with the utmost concentration and skill.  Family and friends who come to support their chorister should not be distracted as they listen and enjoy the intimate beauty of the human voice.

With your help, we can set a very professional and artist friendly atmosphere at Savannah Arts Academy.  We also expect our choir members to know how to be a wonderful and supportive audience member.  Thank you for your help in leading by example.

  • If you have a persistent cough, or an unhappy child, please quietly exit to the foyer. The audience, chorus and recording technicians will appreciate your thoughtfulness.
  • If you must leave during our concerts, please wait until a song is finished and the audience begins its applause. Exit quickly and please do not re-enter the theatre until you again hear audience applause.
  • All cell phones and pagers must be silenced during a performance.
  • Please do not talk during a performance number. When the choristers have finished a piece and you feel the need to comment, do so with a warm round of supportive applause!
  • Please do not yell out and draw attention to your choir member or friend on stage. Instead, congratulate your chorister at the end of the concert.
  • No food or drink is allowed in our historic theatre. We cherish this performance space, and ask that you help us keep it clean.
  • If someone in the audience is being unruly or disruptive, please find an usher or one of the principals.

With your help, we can make this year a truly artistic endeavor for both performers and audiences alike.